Faucets and Fixtures:

Bathtub and wash sink combination faucets are very much akin to bathroom combination faucets, but the buyers, when choosing the combination faucet, usually take notice of sanitary equipment compatibility in the bathroom but not of its technical features. There are models with special drainage set which is used to open or close the plug hole by a small lever placed on a combination faucet.
Wash sink combination faucets may be as well designed for one or several apertures though combination faucets designed for one aperture are much more popular because of their easy installation. In order to make your wash sink maintenance easier and more pleasant there are combination faucets equipped with special absorbing tap.
Bidet combination faucets are to the large extent similar to wash sink combination faucets, because in most cases they are installed on a skirting board and designed for one or three apertures. The difference is that the bidet set contains aerator with a ball joint enabling to change the jet direction and over-simplifying the use of combination faucet.